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Welcome to Grandride, website of long range cycling.

"Grand Tour" is the ancient name of a long and slow trip across Europe, which was effected especially in the centuries from XVII to XIX, and which went on for months or years and had as aim the cultural growth of the traveller through the knowledge of different local cultures. The traveller had all the time to identify him/herself in a place, and elaborated his/her own synthesis which was getting rich with the passing of crossed lands.

"Freeride" is a contemporary sporting concept, introduced in the last years and applied on some sports of movement, which privileges "...contact with nature, wide and free spaces, fun, importance of group in some cases, making agonistic and competitive aspect secundary" [from Wikipedia].

This website introduces a new type of bicycle touring: the "Grandride" cycling, which is given by the union of Grand Tour and Freeride.

Here you will find tracks across the world (maps and infos), specific bikes and accessories, histories of other riders.
Look at the departures, join the nearest group and go!
You can read tales of past rides looking at the arrivals section; while in the awards are the medals assigned to the travellers of each path which has been completed.

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to join a group of a next ride. After your first ride, you will become a real Grandrider :) and you will can add in the website your own tales.

Obviously you can use our email also for any other kind of information.

See you later in these parts!

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