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DATE: 15:07:2010
Water and air
Lake Constance is a unique meeting point between water and air; the land recedes into the background. The created atmosphere is impressive, perhaps for this here they have been invented and built the biggest airships of the history, the Zeppelin.

The airships of the period were real ships of the sky, where passengers get to do even transoceanic cruises. In the cockpit the surrounding space was scanned with binoculars and reference points on the ground, like on a ship. The speed was very low compared to today's airplanes, propellers and rudders directed the aircraft in three dimensions and docking on the ground took place with ropes properly thrown and linked by the 'sailors'.

Today around the lake new airships circulate, smaller, for sightseeing; I saw that they also make trans-European multi-day cruises, but with landings on the ground every night (the space for passengers on board of the airship is currently limited, such as a small bus).

During cycling we have also observed that EADS, the European aerospace company, has a home on the shores of Lake Constance. Will it be a coincidence?

The morning features a breakfast and a change of tires of Flavio, waited since many days; so today we start late and arrive late.
Leaving Immenstaad we proceed towards the middle lake ferry that will take us to the town of Constance. We chose this road, half on the north and half on the south, because it is some tens km shorter than the all-south.

Landed, we move faster toward the lake-side. Still in town, among the houses of a suburb, there's a surprise: the customs of Switzerland. From now on we are located in the Rhein-Radweg route, along which we will enter and emerge from Switzerland several times; this is because in the boundaries there is a series of 'bubbles'. It must be said that no customs will be used to check the documents and the result is as if you are traveling within the EU.

In one of these bubbles is the culmination of the day, the beautiful campsite of Jestetten (just his manager coined the nice term that defines the shape of borders in this area). Before arrival, the Rhine Falls are another surprise. Here, among other things, I see a lady who looks at the landscape taking her dog in her arms: she seems my grandmother, although she had no dog, so many memories come back and I get emotional. Actually I'm already below with the bicycle, but decide to rise again to go back and take a picture of her.

Still there are hills or mountains, and climbs - and efforts - for us are not finished yet. Perhaps also for this in the evening a small moment of nervousness turns on in the crew of Grandride, or rather especially in myself, due to fatigue, hunger and enclosed-kitchen stress; I apologize and the bad fact will soon be forgotten.

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