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DAY 18

DATE: 24:07:2010
How to make them change a hotel room just assigned
We start from the picture, that is from the end. In the evening we arrive in a country town, we find a hotel shortly after the center but is a bit expensive. So we do all the tour, station included, to find something else; we also ask to a gentleman but his claims are very complicated, he would send us kilometres out and surely we can not remember how to get there, so we thank him and go away; at the end we return back to the first hotel.

They assign to me the chamber 23 and give me the key. However, Flavio appears like in the picture: bike, long beard and two bags of Penny Market on the handlebars. So I know what the Miss thought: immediately she tells us that she was wrong, the room for us is the 22. And she change the key.

Evidently she preferred to settle us in a sub-standard room, to not ruin the furniture with two who camp and make dirty. The price, however, has not become a sub-price. Moral: when you search a room, shave and always hide the bags of Penny Market :)

The day had started by the greeting to Lorenzo and Samuele, who returned to Italy because time is running out for them.

It was followed the entry in Dusseldorf, a surprise-town: the antithesis of Cologne. There are no highways alongside the cathedral, the center is happy, pedestrian and at humane size, full of clubs and thoughtless people who laugh and cackle... it seems to be in Rimini. Indeed, while a group of boys sang chants, a happy resident greets us advising: 'this is the center'.
Lunch in a good pizzeria, fast and quality.

Then it came what will prove to be a tragedy. Unfortunately I'm not kidding here.

We head towards Duisburg. A cyclist who is traveling toward us greets us and asks where we go. We answer: Duisburg, and he tells us that in that city the Love Parade is beginning, and there certainly we'll have fun. Unfortunately he can not participate because instead he is going south with goal Cologne. Fortunately for him is going south, and fortunately for us the Love Parade does not interest us at all and prefer to pass the town and its maze of channels as soon as possible, to reach the village later. There will be an accident at the Love Parade that day. Panic in the crowd and squashed people. Deaths and injuries.

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