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DAY 15

DATE: 21:07:2010
Enchanting Rhine
The entire morning passes to seek the spare part. Many thanks to Flavio who offers to lend me his bike, otherwise I would still be there walking from a town's periphery to another. At the end I find the official reseller of the area for the brand of my bike and I order the parts which he'll then send me or I'll be back to take in person. It will arrive in a couple of days, in the meanwhile I think to proceed stopping every few time to control the joint without screw, but then it happens a stroke of luck: I realize that the special washer is remained in its place, it lacks only a screw. So I can tighten the piece with a normal screw for bolts which had been given to me by the first shop of the day (in exchange of 2 EURO, a very normal screw of a hardware store... maybe that he has taken advantage of my situation?). At first I thought it was unnecessary and was about to throw it, luckily I had kept. I can tighten the coupling with the help and the tools of Lorenzo, both essential. The work seems really solid. Many thanks.

So we leave in the afternoon. It passes the first part of the Rhine after Mainz: here in some places the cycle path is under construction. We proceed the same, but at some point the gravel is inconsistent and CRASH! Samuele goes to the ground. Fortunately there aren't consequences.

Rudesheim is an unexpected center full of hotels, I wonder today as in the trip of two years ago which already passed from this region. What they will do all these tourists here we can understand after taking the ferry that takes us to the other side, in Bingen: from here on the Rhine becomes an incredible enchanted tale, where at each curve you meet a fairy who comes out from her castle, hear the trumpets, the voices of the artisans who beat the iron and the sounds of carriages. In reality there are cars and buses, but the sceneries are really beautiful, and every country has actually perfectly preserved medieval historical center and its castle on the hill above. This area is worth a trip.

The overnight stay is at a campsite along the river, the closed-kitchen problem is only skimmed, and in the camping an interesting meeting happens...

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