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DATE: 07:07:2010
This year the situation has improved. I did not start preparing the luggage in the evening - or night, or morning - of the departure; I have not forgotten the lock of the bicycle; and this time I was sure to have closed well the doors of home and garage. So, I take the train as planned and arrive at the rendez-vous as planned.
I'm not still at the optimum, though: I have not had time to prepare maps for the brand new gps, so also in this year I will use the uncomfortable - but useful and necessary - guides on paper.

We get off the train at the station of Ala, and an unexpected event comes: at the top of the stairs of the subway a local passenger tells me something about the bike, I get distracted by responding, make the handlebar move, and the famous lock [rigid steel U-shaped, massive, granitic, weighing a pair of kilograms] takes off and bounces, with large parabolic jumps, down all the marble steps. For a moment I wonder if this time it will win the metal or the stone. I find it at the end of the stair, in two pieces. Luckily it came off only the plastic body - otherwise what granitic lock it was? - so I remount it and proceed a bit 'dazed.

Finally it comes the long awaited moment of arming the craft: semirigid rear bags, new central cotton waterproof bag, front bag. I set the just bought solar panel system, raise the navigation flag and go!

We exit the station, and an unexpected event comes: the derailleur of Flavio no longer works. The chain remains inexorably on the maximum crown. Samuele tries to pull the cable but do not get anything.
At Ala the mechanic for a bike is a motorcycle repairman; he watches the bike but says he can not do the job, it should be disassembled, reassembled, registered ... he is unable to do so, nor have the time. He suggest to arrive at Trento in this way, and there seek a specialist. Flavio will do this and will resolve the issue: it was only the limit-screws, too tight.

The Adige cycle path, which currently begins near Ala - hence the choice of this venue - is a real pleasure. We ride fast and quiet among nature, vineyards and apple-orchards, in a humane-scale road which is completely reserved for those who cycle, skate, run or walk. And hundreds and hundreds of km long, not tens as it occurs in the rest of Italy in the fortunate cases. The calm due to the absence of motor vehicles allows me to see the grains of asphalt moving under the front wheel. I feel happy, this moment is the beginning of a journey, a journey that I wish would never end ...
Indeed, with the sweet up and down of the Adige, Flavio has no problem to stay with strong gears. Brief stop at Bicigrill of Nomi, very pleasant, and arrival at the already booked hostel smooth as the oil (apart from an 'error of mistake' which leads us to abandon the Adige inadvertently ending in the outskirts of Trento).

For dinner in the city is a must to mention the restaurant 'La Grotta', which was suggested by couple of citizens in the trip of two years ago and refound this year after a brief search: cyclist portions (giant) and delicious tastes. Always crowded, pay attention that the kitchen closes a bit early compared to the standard central Italian standards (around 21 or 22, can not remember well).

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